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Track Athlete's life

Track Athlete

A.J Delastud
6 February 1987

Pleasure To Meet You

Hey guys my name is A.Jay.. I am a College student currently attending Oakland community college for the mean time. Next semester I plan on transferring to Michigan State or University of Michigan to receive my Bachelors Degree in Biology for Medical School to become a PLASTIC SURGEON. Medicine has always been in my life every since I was a young boy due to my father being a Internal Physician or Doctor. With hard work and dedication my dreams of becoming a well renowned Board Certified Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon wont be too far for me to reach.

I know with Gods help and support and my Faith in him I can accomplish anything in my life.

Ontop of maintaining my High GPA
I enjoy hanging out with friends and partying mucho veces. i like meeting new people all the time and making new friends.

Unfortunately I work at an Over Rated Place at Somerset Mall called “Abercrombie and Fitch.” I have been working there as a Starving model/ Brandrep for over a Year1/2. I am getting quite tiered of it. But what makes me stay are the cool jeans we have and the awesome discount the company provides

I Enjoy Soccer, Wrestling( 4 years in highschool) and Love Track and Field( 4 year Varsity, all area). In Track I absolutely love hurdling; 300 meter hurdles in particular is my main event that I enjoy the most. I also run the 4x400 meter relay race; it’s a painful race but I enjoy killing my opponents at the curve. I plan on continuing my passion for this sport at the College Elite Level.

People say im too vain because I take good care of myself. I care about my health and self being. I work out 4 days a week, 2 days of cardiovascular work, I prepare my own healthy meals( besides weekends when I get fat), I avoid drugs and try to avoid alcohol.

Every night before I go to bed or when I had a tough stressful day I hop on my journal to write about my thoughts and feelings. Its my way of relaxing and finding myself. I have been writing in my Journal since grade school, and I know every page I write will bring back memories as I read it in the future to my kids.

On my spare time I do MUY THAI KICKBOXING at a Dojo. Once or twice a week, I WRESTLE on open matts once a week, and I recently started B-Boying or ( BREAK DANCING) with friends once or twice a week @ different dance studios I enjoy it and i plan on breaking for a long time. I believe all of my hobbies are a form of self expression, that is why is enjoy them so much. I like to express myself in different forms.

Other then all of that im just a layed back guy who likes to have Fun