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Canada with Alvyin, John, Leo and Sean was alto of fun Got fucking wasted and CLub hoppin . it was sexy, danced with alot of girls and partied. I just wished linh could have came. but she just stayed home oin bed and slept. BUt I plan on taking her to party with me next saturday with Ej and Tran and a bunch of other people Canada next saaturday,.. me and linh never really got to spen party time together . so yeah its all good im excited to party with my ling ling

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    Yayyyyy yyyyyyyyyyy ayyyyyyy ERica was home for the weekend. i was so happppy to see her cause i miss her so muchhh... it will be while till i get…


    YEah CLub SEVIN was SWEET. Its COol CAuse I wasent scared and i break danced in the circle . its was sweet. yeah SO man y fucking hotttt asian girls…

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    the windmill is very hard. my right ankle hurts from wrestling practice on monday, i was doin a front flip hahahahah a

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