A.J Delastud (ajdelatrackstud) wrote,
A.J Delastud

first day of colllege

i was kind of scared at first cause im afraid of how much hw im gonna get and stuff but i tried to keep myself motivated by thinking about my dream career.

well i already misse dmy first day of my academic literacy class last thursday i didnt even know i had classs lol. so i came in today and guesss who sat right by me after 10 mins of classs

freakin Stephanie Petrich from foley. ithiught she was at western now but i guess shes not. shes so fake but shes so freakin beautiful. she came in and was already talkng shit about Her best friend nicole.
well steph is pretty cool and such. class was pretty aeasy today and such. my teacher was chinese here name was mrs LEE . it was funny cause the freakin class room or part of it Smelled like Oriental Store . is was the wierdesss shit ever cause i could remember the smeell and such..

well after that i visited my old middle school and stuff well im too tierd to finish this journal so i gota go tot bed. i know i havent written in this =shit forever so i'll try mybest to type in it . it owuld be good practice for my typing.

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