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grad rehersals

today was ok
man im'v been think ing alot and im gonna miss everyone and all the Dreama i left behind that school
i knew most of ths kids since middle school and now its finally over and at least i told most peoiple how i felt about them. I like everyone in my Grade i was pretty much friends with everyone
everyone was cool with me 

Man im really gonna miss highschool.
im gonna miss raey and stephanie thos girlsare so cool
and most of the guys my boys from the wrestling team man it was so much fun . we kicked ass at hte years we wrestled and our grasde made it to staes when we were juniors for hte frirst time in the history of lampher  we wen to states it was an amasing time we had 

Track wwas the shizzz
this year i just got screwed over i dotn want ot talk about it now casue i can go on and on about this shit. Fuck 

Well Grad saturday cant wait im excited for the all nigth party
man today i wasnted to cry so bad imagine if it wa s graduaiton day man im would be  so damn sad.

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