Canada with Alvyin, John, Leo and Sean was alto of fun Got fucking wasted and CLub hoppin . it was sexy, danced with alot of girls and partied. I just wished linh could have came. but she just stayed home oin bed and slept. BUt I plan on taking her to party with me next saturday with Ej and Tran and a bunch of other people Canada next saaturday,.. me and linh never really got to spen party time together . so yeah its all good im excited to party with my ling ling
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Yayyyyy yyyyyyyyyyy ayyyyyyy

ERica was home for the weekend. i was so happppy to see her cause i miss her so muchhh... it will be while till i get to hang out with her again cause she wont be back till thanksgiving

Partied it up with the B-boys . somehow got really shawasted then recoevered, witnessed a mexican cat fight it was hotttt. " HOOD RAT" lol my new vocab. it was a tight ass party . now home with tons of hw. im fucked i partied all weeekend this sucks im packed with hw now .


YEah CLub SEVIN was SWEET. Its COol CAuse I wasent scared and i break danced in the circle . its was sweet. yeah SO man y fucking hotttt asian girls omg YESSSSSSSSSS. IT was fun . NEXT WEEK CLub LUSH


well i know i havent been writing in my journal for some times now. i really missed out on typing alot of important things that has been happening. well im out of highschool and i really dont miss it that much. it seems like i have alot of free time on my hands but i still atudy alot.

i currently go to OCC royal oak and Southfield i have 2 classes at Ro i have my math class algebra and arethmatics and college success skills my math calss is a 4hour class but we do take 2 ten min breaks every now and then. i have academic literacy II at SF its cool and i luv it, steph is in my class me and her use to have lots of problems but me and her are really good friends. I remember back during spring or before summer i use to like her alot but now i think i dont cause i really dont have a love interest besides Erica

speaking of Erica shes away at Western. and i miss her very much , i try and talk to her on th phone when ever im not busy with all the things i do and i chat with her onlline. i really miss her alot. but we all have to do our own things in life. i think she wants to major in psychology, i say go for it cause shes really good at readding my thoughts and feelings very well.

Anyways I started break dancing im taking a class for this month only at dertoit talent studio in which we meet once a week. well today is my last day. after today i get to practice with alvin and his crew at other studios because i actually have something to practice. like beofre i came to one of alvins's practice and i did niot know anythign and i had nothing to practice and it sucks cause eveyone was very talented . so i decided to take the class the Charles( Chucky) is teaching so yeah i got some insight of waht B-boying is all about. I enjoy and i love it. i wanted to do this a long time ago during highschool but i was always busy with sports work and school.

I also try and wrestle once or twice a Week at hazel Park open matts. Well Coach Masaki does teach moves there and i just grab anyone who wants to spar and wrestle live for goood excercise and to keep my wrestling instinct alive. cause it comes in handy during fights, Also i am thinking about becoming a NHB fighter like in Pride or UFC . I was thinking about taking kickboxing classses somewhere but i think i dont have enough money cause

i only work a abercrombie and fitch. I onluy work there 3 times a week and get paid 6;40 and i have to pay for my car bill and my cell phone and my gasss and snack, protein and such. also when i wanna go out on dates and such.

Speaking of dates i havent had one cuase im not really looking for one rigght now i think its such a hassle and its distracting for me , when u fall in love u wanna se that person every day and tak to them every hour. and ur heart achs if ur waya dn u wannn see them all the time geeeesh does love suck or what. im not gonna sleep around anymore. of im gonna have sex with someone i wanna make sure there my girlfriend and i love them.

Well yesterday i hung out with Linh form 3:00 till like 10:00 pm. i havent seen this girl in years. we talk alot online and such. and i picked her up at oakpark after school. she was a very radd intersting girl oh yeah Beautiful if i may add. She Has a very seductive hott voice just like Erica. Well anyways she told me we are just both the opposites. she seeems to party alot and shes kind of ghetto or somehting like that in a sort of hot way Like Actulally SHES LIKe TILA TEQUILA there both the same race and there styles are the same. ummm shes a very attractive girl . I think i may like her a little.but i shouldnt pushhh it i dunno like she says were opposites , but i do believe in that saying that saying that " OPPOSITES DO ATTRACT"

Welll im in the library right now chillin before my CCS class start at 12:55 and its 12:27.
I think im gonna do cardio today after this class and call stephanie or erica.

But i do miss ERica alot. I told her i was Gonna merry her and buy her a big house after im done with my medschool and all that stuff and on my way on becoming a doctor. I was being really serious but i think she thought i was just kidding like a jokester i am. I was being really honest. cause i think i really like this girl/
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first day of colllege

i was kind of scared at first cause im afraid of how much hw im gonna get and stuff but i tried to keep myself motivated by thinking about my dream career.

well i already misse dmy first day of my academic literacy class last thursday i didnt even know i had classs lol. so i came in today and guesss who sat right by me after 10 mins of classs

freakin Stephanie Petrich from foley. ithiught she was at western now but i guess shes not. shes so fake but shes so freakin beautiful. she came in and was already talkng shit about Her best friend nicole.
well steph is pretty cool and such. class was pretty aeasy today and such. my teacher was chinese here name was mrs LEE . it was funny cause the freakin class room or part of it Smelled like Oriental Store . is was the wierdesss shit ever cause i could remember the smeell and such..

well after that i visited my old middle school and stuff well im too tierd to finish this journal so i gota go tot bed. i know i havent written in this =shit forever so i'll try mybest to type in it . it owuld be good practice for my typing.

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the titty bar was the shizz me and alex and eric got so fucked up and shitt it was a lot of fun thos girls know how to work it down at atlantis lounge and dejaVu

but fo sho then ;eahs party at saturday was funa and shizz


Its good to finally try to get back in shape with Wrestling and running and working out the MAC

its all good. all i haev been doin is working goin on myspace and relaxing and shit. its all good but i miss some of my friends

but yeah i making some better once though so like Erica. shes freakin awesome. I like her like her and i enjoy her company shes so much fun to tlak to and she actually listens and doesnt have ADD or cuts me off.
Shes a really good friend who i can talk to about anything. Unliek carrie she Really ADD and i cant tallk to her Str8 like he alwasy cuts me off or soemthing or like she doesnt want to hear what ever i have to say and she gets annoyed.

With Erica i can tell ehr anything and she response with something intelegent. Ive hung out more with Erica then Carrie and i knew carrie and been firends with her for so long..liek i hung out with Erica for 12 hours and hung out at her house and shit but with Carrie i could hardly hang at her house. actually i have never hung out with carrie at her house before. hmmmmmmmmm that tellls me alot. maybe im just a little pet for Carrie i dotn know.
oh well sometimes we make new and better friends
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up all night

fuck i have been up all night

thanks Erica its like freakin 6:04am int he freakin morning and i cant sleep

well i was about to sleeep and then one of my wierd asian stalkers aimed me
i dont know who this bitch was but she aimed me

AS1AN EYE CANDY (1:38:49 AM): well, you make fun of people and you think you are so hott
AS1AN EYE CANDY (1:38:56 AM): do you even consider why people don't like you
ajdelatrackstud (1:39:05 AM): no i dont
ajdelatrackstud (1:39:12 AM): how would u know
AS1AN EYE CANDY (1:39:14 AM): maybe because you act so white, and you're concieted
AS1AN EYE CANDY (1:39:20 AM): because i know you
AS1AN EYE CANDY (1:39:23 AM): you dont know me

yeah so i called my friend Diway and she told me who it was

so yeah i told her to Fuck offf...

Well i started chattin with Ms. Erica Heard at around 3 o clock. and i have been up since then we talked on the phone for 2 hours or more till right now at 6:08 am and i cant sleeep now. so i gueesss i have to go to the Gym annd then were suppose to go to nooodles and seee Alex. lol

oh shit i think im gonna pass out im gonnna be so tierd later i wont be able to party lol
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